Tutors and Coordinators

We have a range of Tutors who provide formal training as well as Co-ordinators who run group activities.

Andrea Death

Andrea has taught patchwork and machine quilting since 2000. Her vast experience and qualifications help students to produce amazing items.

Cheryl Philps

Cheryl is well versed in a variety of sewing methods. Her enthusiasm is infectious.

Fiona Graham

Fiona has many years of varied experience, she particularly enjoys crochet. She has made a wide variety of Fibrecraft items.
Fiona has been president since the 2015 AGM.

Elizabeth Halford

Liz has many years of potting experience in various establishments – students will benefit from her wealth of skills, experience and inspiration.
In the sessions Liz runs, you will cover a range of pottery skills.  Liz welcomes new as well as experienced students into her classes.

John Archbold

John is welcoming of anyone who feels they “cannot draw”, you will be surprised at what you can achieve in a short time.

Pamela MacLachlan

Pam has for many years helped students learn and expand their weaving skills.

Richard Cotgrove

Richard tutors on Monday afternoons in oil and acrylic to a mixed class of new and experienced artists. He draws on his extensive experience here and overseas to bring out the best in his students.

Sue McClelland

Students benefit from over 25 years of Sue’s experience to create some magnificent porcelain creations.

Terry McCann

Terry has a background in Illustration and Graphic Design.  He has been involved with Christchurch Design and Art College as well as UCOL.  He holds a Diploma Visual Communication & Arts – his interests are diverse covering Fine Arts as well as Ink Throwing.