Richard Cotgrove

richard_97 Moving permanently to New Zealand in 1972 Richard lived for 23 years in Auckland. During this time, he was oil painting but became very interested in stone carving and in the late 1970s built the necessary equipment and started carving gemstones and later Jade.

Richard has participated in master carver exhibitions since the 1980s, as well as exhibited at the Dowse and Te Papa as well as other major galleries with touring exhibitions.

In the 1990s he exhibited in England and in America in wood carving shows. His carvings and paintings can be found in many countries throughout the world.

Richard now lives in Marton and with more time to observe the beauty of the New Zealand landscape locally and further afield the painting bug has once again bitten him. He has tried brushes but prefers using a painting knife thinking more sculptural result is better suited to the scenery at hand.

Richard’s Monday afternoon sessions in oil and acrylic is a mixed class of new and experienced artists.